Adult adhd chat room

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Do you: • Have trouble paying attention and staying on task?• Suffer from disorganization, procrastination, or forgetfulness?

We went to see the counselor every other week for a couple of months and were really able to come up with some...And that’s an end to the formal stuff so come on in and meet us by clicking on the following words: Note to advertisers: since this is a peer support forum, we ask that you refrain from posting advertisements for commercial services and products on the forum.Note to researchers: we are keen to facilitate research which will benefit people with ADHD and you are allowed to recruit people for research projects by posting on our forum. Any posts which do not meet these criteria will be deleted.And I think it's all coming from the fear that my ADHD meds are not strong enough, or that the side effect we'll cause a worse divide in my marriage than the ADHD, or that they are going to...I didn't have health insurance so I got the generic kind. Anyway, I started taking it last year, but I feel as if this drug is hit or miss.

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• Have difficulty with restlessness or trouble managing strong feelings such as anger and frustration?

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