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Muslim mothers will have more babies than Christian women by 2035, a new study has found.

Christianity is currently the largest religion in the world, with Christians making up almost one third of Earth’s 7.3 billion people in 2015.

People with no religion, meanwhile, face a 'birth dearth', the research found, likely leading to a significant fall in numbers.

There are already clear indicators of rapid growth to come in the world's Muslim population, the nonpartisan fact tank said.

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She added that he had a previous conviction for actual bodily harm dating back to 2007.Prosecutor Holly Common told Teesside Magistrates' Court Latif had approached the victim outside the building telling her, 'I need to speak to you'.She said: 'He crossed the road and said he could speak inside thecentre.'Ms Common added: 'When inside the office, Latif began shouting "Why are you letting them use the centre?A Muslim father spat in a community centre manager's face and called her an 'ignorant Muslim' after he became offended over a Christian sign that had been put up in the building.Said Ahmed Latif, 36, admitted the assault inside the multi-cultural Salaam Community Centre in Hartlepool.

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