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But you'll need to check with your doc for either of those. With that done, you should have no trouble shutting down the mail sex drive either. " Sot 2 "It didn't work then but it's sure as hell workin' now."Well, only revtim even attempted a serious reply to the OP.

The effect is temporary, limited to the time one is on the drug. Sot 1 to Sot 2 (a 70 year old retired regular Army guy): "Did that saltpeter they put in you guys' food work?

I imagine if you gave everyone epidurals, though, it still wouldn't completely eliminate the urge to reproduce.

(And that, in part, was the point of Vonnegut's story.) The only widely accepted universal way to eliminate the libido in men is chemical or physical castration.

(For instance, many LSD users consider the idea of sex repulsive while under the effect, but I was introduced to it by a woman who used it to make love all night... Therefore, I cannot take any hallucinogenics without getting completely randy...) Kellogg's cereals were originally marketed as a healthy food that diminished the sexual response and tendency towards masturbation in adolescents, but there are many of us who can debunk that claim.

Kurt Vonnegut wrote in his novel "Welcome to the Monkey House" about a prudish society that made everyone take a pill that numbed them from the waist down, in order to eliminate sexuality.

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I was reading a post about the myth of the use of saltpeter for keeping the male sex drive down. What can be used (safely) to shut off the mail sex drive???? Most antidepressants that belong to the class of selective seratonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) -- like Paxil, Prozac, and the others you see advertised on TV --- have a notable side effect of killing the libido. Others, notably wellbutrin, are advertised as not interfering with the sex drive.

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