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After Butterick started, three other major pattern brands emerged: Mc Call’s, Vogue, and Simplicity.These four brands are still available today, while names like Advance, Hollywood, Style, Anne Adams, Burda, Hawaiian, Du Barry, Modes Royale, American Designers, Spadea, New York, Marian Martin, Woman’s Day, and Superior have come and gone.Each “designer” had a different New York city address, which Smith thinks were mail drops to distinguish the bylines.

I'd really love to find a 1940's military style dress pattern with a hat. Dating old sewing patterns isn't as easy as just looking on the pattern envelope...Other related items that can be collected along with vintage patterns are old pattern books from fabric stores and departments and monthly or quarterly pattern magazines that were issued by the pattern companies.These publications are invaluable tools for designers, students of apparel design, the custom clothier who specializes in vintage fashion, and the vintage fashion enthusiast.although thankfully in the later years most companies did decide on printing the year on the envelope.When dating a sewing pattern that does not have a year on the envelope, you'll want to consider a few things: The price of a pattern then, like today, would vary based upon an elaborate pattern verse a normal pattern.

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