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After three months of testing, the Milwaukee Fastback Flip Utility Knife with Blade storage is our new pick.

This replaces a now-discontinued pick, the Fastback II.

That group (which would later become the more familiar Imperial Schrade Corp) had already consisted of two established knife companies: Ulster Knife Company and Imperial Knife Company.

We're skipping over a ton of Schrade history, but since this article focuses on Old Timers, we're jumping directly to 1958.

Teruyasu Fujiwara, considered to be amongst the greatest living blacksmiths, has left Japan for the first time in his life at the insistence of the owner of Calgary’s Knifewear.

“It’s a bit technical but there are a lot of knife makers following that.” “In fact, I think it’s the smartest way to build a knife.” Kent’s persistence paid off and customers at the Inglewood store lined up to for an opportunity to meet the craftsman and have him engrave their knives.

We’ve tested the new model of the Fastback Flip with Blade Storage over the past three months to assure ourselves this version remains otherwise unchanged and will be our top pick.

We now link to the new knife throughout this piece instead of the Fastback II, and are in the process of updating the testing notes below with our full thoughts.

Even after 55 years, Old Timer knives remain popular, whether it's because the name itself means so much to so many people or the knives still carry a lure in their appearance and construction (probably a bit of both).

Despite the enduring legacy of a brand commonly associated with quality and dependability, Old Timer has been on a long, winding road with many obstacles along the way.

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In this article, we'll talk about the storied history of Old Timers, give you a quick breakdown of some of the most important Old Timers ever made, and offer up a comparison chart.

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