Dating fossils and rocks mike riddle when is casual dating serious

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Dating fossils and rocks mike riddle

Raising the Allosaur The incredible discovery of this dinosaur points to the fact that the creature is not millions but thousands of years old. The Biblically based creationist response to popular children’s TV programs on science, which often are blatantly evolutionary!

Children will enjoy the humour of the fast-paced and well-produced program and will learn how dinosaurs fit with the Bible. Ware shares information from his books Prejudice and the People of God and Reuniting the Family of God.

Martin and Dan “The Animal Man” on a spectacular journey from deep inside the earth . Marty’s Grand Adventure Marty embarks on an exiting research project in the Grand Canyon.

In the past 150 years they have not found any fossils that Darwin would not have expected. Creation Celebration: The Amazing Creation Room Children will love learning about God’s great creation through breath-taking imagery, sing-along songs and a cast of characters that charm and delight. Creation Proclaims: Silent Hunters This is the third DVD in the Creation Proclaim series. Martin works with more animals to show how creation proclaims the character, majesty, power and glory of our Creator God.So when the two contradict – as they do with the age of the universe and the earth – many abandon the faith and reject the Genesis account because current science tells them that the universe and the earth is billions of years old, and disregard the biblical account – which indicates an age of about 6,000 years.The evidence many find persuasive: radiometric dating.

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New discoveries have filled in the gaps, and shown us in unimaginable detail the shape of the great ‘tree of life’.

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