Dating sites for single parents in us

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But the popularity and success of special package holidays for singles has made tour operators look into extending the niche to singles parents hence, single parents holidays was born.

There is a stark difference between single parent holidays and holidays for singles in general, for a start, regular singles holidays tends to be designed for men and women aged between 21 and 36 while single parent holiday package are designed for a much higher age group, about two decades older than in the case of single parents holidays.

The membership is absolutely free, and they have single parent forum and blogs to answer all your queries, which guide you properly.The site has half male and and half female members and most of them are at age of 35 – 44 and have attended college.Users can enjoy various useful features including emails, IM, video chat and even translation services.Depending on the holiday operator, a single parents holiday should have several opportunities for the parents to interact.In the case of mums and dads with older children, this happen when the children are taken away for activities they like and a social function is organise for the parents to mingle, again, it is on this kind of social gathering that single dads and single mums who could chat with each other and see if they have things in common.

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Just Parents is the only single parent dating site for parents who are just looking for other single parents.

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