Excel 2016 formulas not updating

Posted by / 26-Jul-2017 18:02

Excel 2016 formulas not updating

It's a great place to start troubleshooting and could easily have been the problem.

Dogknees was the first to mention that the calculation method might be set to Manual - and that is the problem, but as bill.kuunders mentioned, it gets worse.

Formula results are shown in worksheet cells, while formulas are visible in the formula bar only so that they won’t appear when you print.

Showing formulas in the cells makes it easy to find cells that contain formulas, check for errors, or print with formulas displayed.

The only problem with it is that, when you press F9 or recalculate formulas, the now() will be changed to reflect latest date and time. A good alternative (although manual) is to use keyboard shortcuts CTRL ; or CTRL : to insert current date and time in the active cell.

The process above for all cells isn't available for just one cell or select cells. Some people work around this by typing a single apostrophe before the formula in the cell.

A circular formula refers to itself (or to another cell which in turn refers to this cell). So, each time you run the formula (by pressing F9) the value in A2 will go up by 1, just like an incrementing counter.

But here is a thing you should be aware of: There is a setting called “iterations”, it tells excel how many times it should run a formula before finalizing the result.

Last week, we shared a sheet that wasn't calculating correctly.

Specifically, the first formula worked fine, but when we copied it, the formula returned the result of the first formula. In the example sheet, I entered a SUM() function to total each salesperson's commission (row 8) and bonus (row9).

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