Friendster online dating Campool sex

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Friendster online dating

The evolution of Internet dating is not unlike that of its offline counterpart.

Friendster was considered the top online social network service until around April 2004 when it was overtaken by My Space in terms of page views, according to Nielsen//Net Ratings. but we have temporarily restricted your access to the Digital Library.Your activity appears to be coming from some type of automated process.Napster at the time was a controversial peer-to-peer file sharing Internet service that was launched in 1999; by 2000, "Napster" was practically a household name, thanks to several high-profile lawsuits filed against it that year.The original Friendster site was founded in Mountain View, California and was privately owned.

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Friendster was one of the first of these sites to attain over 1 million members, although it was preceded by several other smaller social networking sites such as Six (1997) and Makeoutclub (1999).