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According to several articles from Entertainment Weekly, the streaming service will be reviving ) has been applauded by parents and educators alike for instructing children to everything from our solar system to the human body.Now it appears the show will receive a new, modern spin along with the updated title of, , and much like the original will see Ms.Netflix is rebooting the franchise with 'The Magic School Bus Rides Again', with the series slated to air later this year.In the original series, Ms Frizzle was voiced by none other than Lily Tomlin, earning her several Emmy nominations and a win to boot.I watched it when I was little and several segments were hilarious to me at that age.I still fall back on these tape to help simplify my knowledge when studying in high school.And I might have even made a mistake about that tortoise, but there's one thing I know I'm not wrong about.

Every person I've every known of who watched this series has found it useful and fun. It's a helpful way to begin to teach more complicated science subjects to children.

The popular children's books, written by Paulette Bourgeois, come alive in this television series about a turtle named Franklin.

Each episode has a story of Franklin and his friends. See full summary » We follow a family of bears, known as the Berenstain Bears, as they figure out life together.

In a press release at the time, Netflix said that “Magic School Bus Rides Again” will provide a new audience of young minds “thrilling discoveries, heart-pounding explorations and relatable humor, while encouraging kids to think critically and creatively to answer questions and solve problems.” MORE: 7 ’90s Kids Cartoons We’d Like to Reboot Netflix went on to say that the series will deal with technological advancements and innovations that have come about since the original series came to an end almost 20 years ago — including “robotics, wearables and camera technology.” Mc Kinnon, who won an Emmy last year and recently starred in the Ghostbusters reboot, is already familiar with voicing cartoon characters, having lent her vocal talents to projects such as “Finding Dory”, “The Angry Birds Movie”, “The Venture Bros.”, and the PBS series “Nature Cat”, among others.

No release date has yet been set, however, episodes of the original series are currently streaming on Netflix.

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The idea for the show was thought up by Former Scholastic Entertainment Vice President and Senior Editorial Director Craig Walker.