Model updating in structural dynamics

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Model updating in structural dynamics

It is part of verification and validation of numerical models.

The process is conducted by first choosing the domain in which data is presented.

The third task is to formulate a function which has the parameters that are expected to be design variables, and which represents the distance between the measured data and the finite element model predicted data.

The fourth step is to implement the optimization method to identify parameters that minimize this function.

This book, the first on the subject, sets out to explain the principles of model updating, not only as a research text, but also as a guide for the practising engineer who wants to get acquainted with, or use, updating techniques.

It covers all aspects of model preparation and data acquisition that are necessary for updating.

In this paper, a response surface-based FE model updating procedure for civil engineering structures in structural dynamics is presented.

The key issues to implement such a model updating are discussed such as sampling with design of experiments, selecting the significant updating parameters and constructing a quadratic polynomial response surface.

Finite element model updating is the process of ensuring that finite element analysis results in models that better reflect the measured data than the initial models.

Further studies on the elimination of systematic errors from both the measurements and the finite element model so that it can provide more reliable model updating is recommended.

Content from this work may be used under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 licence.

The limitation and problems arise concerning correcting inaccurate finite element model is also discussed.

This lead to issue of parameterization and regularization which the limitation and uncertainty in choosing the updating parameter is shown able to be overcome.

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