My little pony dating sim

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My little pony dating sim

Last week we posted an announcement for a new game on Kickstarter called Dark Skyes, a dating sim that takes place in the world of My Little Pony (MLP from this point on).

Referred to as a “Brony dating sim,” the game would let adult fans of the magical pony world date, seduce, and do who knows what else with a wide variety of beautifully drawn ponies.

“During this final part of the game, the odds will be stacked against you, but perhaps if you’ve got friends at your side and love in your heart, you can make it through to see the light of day.” On the one hand, we can see that this game might be valuable for young bronies who are awkward around the people that they’re attracted to and it could help them develop conversational skills and give them the confidence they need when they start dating. We promise that this is the very last time we peer this deeply into the dark underbelly of the Bronyverse.

Lol more like bullcrapping players into buying this. If I do dating sims, I'd prefer the ones without porn and for once a choice between what happens when sleeping with them but that isn't in Sims apparently since I, for one, am not pathetic enough in RL nor Online to have sex before Marriage.

Game itself: The animation is close to the quality of the actual show and very smooth. You obviously put a lot of effort into making this.

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EDIT: I worked for less than a day on this and it has almost 200k views.

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