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I would repay you the favor, but I have no idea what you’re into.Shep, for his part, expressed his disappointment in a particularly Shep-ian way.The app pulls information from your Facebook account, while also allowing your friend the option to write a fantastic (hopefully) review.While the app gives your friends most of the power, you can still see what's written on your profile just in case your friends enjoy trolling you.

But when the going gets tough, you can always rely on your friends, especially with the genius new dating app Wingman, which allows your friends to pick the dates for you!

Created by London-based Tina Wilson, Wingman isn't exactly a dating, but more of a matchmaking app.

All the bits and pieces that are typically seen on dating apps – such as profile pictures or descriptions – are in the hands of your wingman or wingwoman.

“We like to believe that people should be honest about the things they love, the things they hate,” Brendan Alper, Founder and CEO of Hater told PIX11 News.

“People hate things, that’s just a fact life.” Alper says the idea for the app was originally meant for a comedy sketch he was mulling over.

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a firm no on their request to film his new dating series on the island, again expressed its disgust with the franchise after a production company representative further narrowed the request to just interior shots of cast members’ homes, The Moultrie News reported Wednesday (scroll down for the good stuff).