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The Mu Us Desert, located in the northwestern fringe of the East Asian monsoon region, is sensitive to climate variability.The desert is characterized by mobile, semi-fixed and fixed sand dunes.From the evidence in historical coastline records, the PJ sand dune is an inland sand dune and not a coastal sand dune.Based on further information of climate and temperature change after the Little Ice Age (LIA) and human activity in northeastern China, we conclude that the PJ sand dune accumulation was very likely impacted by the immigrants and land reclamation at the end of Qing dynasty.Combined with the lithologic stratigraphy and the luminescence chronology, the sand dune development in the Mu Us Desert during the Late Pleistocene is discussed.Our results indicate that the sand was mobilized approximately at 91 ka, 71 ka, 48–22 ka, 5 ka, 1 ka, and 0.44 ka; the sand was fixed approximately at 65 ka and Holocene Optimum period in the interior Mu Us Desert.The number of trapped electrons depends on the total amount of radiation that the mineral has been exposed to. If we assume that the radiation dose rate of the sediment has remained constant over time, then if we measure that dose rate, we can calculate the sample age.

Luminescence is a phenomenon occurring in crystal materials, when electrons, trapped in special energy stages (traps) caused by defects in crystal structures, are released and emitting light (luminescence) which wavelength corresponds the change in charge carriers energy stages during the process.OSL-method can be used for example when dating sand formations.This page was contributed by Dr Georgina King from the Aberystwyth Luminescence Research Laboratory in the Institute for Geography and Earth Sciences. OSL is used on glacial landforms that contain sand, such as sandur or sediments in glacial streams. Prices in € represent the retail prices valid in Germany (unless otherwise indicated). Prices do not include postage and handling if applicable. The timing of the formation of extensively distributed sand dunes in the Bohai coastal area and its forcing factors are poorly understood.In this study, the chronology of a well-preserved sand dune located in Panjin Forest Park (PJ) in the Lower Liao Plain (LLP) is investigated using quartz optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) and K-feldspar postinfrared (IR) infrared stimulated luminescence (IRSL) (p IRIR) dating.

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