Playfire not updating trophies richard brunelle ink dating

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Playfire not updating trophies

Playfire was the first website to release a Play Station gamercard which attracted a large number of gamers to the service.In September 2011 Playfire partnered with Game Spot to bring Playfire users profile to Game Spot through an API partnership.

I've checked the status reports and nothing on PSNprofiles appears to be down and everything else seems to be functional, so does anyone know what might be going wrong? Gryfer There's been a lot of posts/status updates on this.Playfire is a social gaming networking website targeted towards core video game players.Playfire users can automatically track their in-game achievements, trophies, and gameplay, as well as earn rewards for playing their games.My card still works for the time being but I'm sure I will have to look for alternatives here soon as well so I appreciate the suggestions as well.I used Playfire's and didn't really care for them because the backgrounds don't update with the game you are playing.

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That was the main thing I liked about My Gamer Cards.

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