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Proactive dating

I really do put a lot of weight on that kiss, as it is a real defining line in any relationship.

Back in the day, you would ask a woman on a date, and she would either say yes or no and you knew exactly where you stood.

Without knowing your personal definition of successful love, the result will be a sense of reaching for something but not attaining it.

Starting now, you can change that experience with this practical and doable list of steps you can easily incorporate as you ring in 2013.

At the end of the day, if either party wants something, they should just ask. This is a complicated question that warrants looking into the perspective of both guys and girls.

From a guy’s point of view, it would obviously be so much better if girls made the first move: we wouldn’t have to try as hard and we wouldn’t have to feel the pangs of rejection so often.

It is very seldom as clear as black and white, but involves many shades of grey in between. If you meet a woman who you like and you do not kiss her the first time you meet (thereby establishing that you are not merely â?? ) it can be really tricky as a man to figure out exactly where you stand.

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However, when it comes to describing the type of person you want to date, it's easy to draw a blank or just a vague outline.

It is not unromantic to know what you want in love.

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