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The world will be a better place when you realize, "Oh damn, there are people out there who don't give a shit about my opinion? Anyway, I plan upon making a Twilight Sparkle animation based on a picture by randomrandom. (scootaloo) Rarity and all stuff not made by me and others listed in the credits is owned by Hasbro, but your know that.

Game itself: The animation is close to the quality of the actual show and very smooth. You obviously put a lot of effort into making this.

I like the show and thought I should create some fan-made content, the only way I know how: with dicks in it.

It also features story content previously only found in the International versions, and a new audio drama set a year after..

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The microchip only appears near Derpy's tail AFTER it's 100% loaded. I'm still a rookie at this game developing shenanigans, and I'd love to hear your feedback.

Pet her, scratch her ears, and try not to weird her out. I plan to make more of these pony petting games, and I'm going to redo the animation and personality/behavior code on each of them while improving the engine. I read all of your comments, even though I don't always respond to them.

A few animation tweaks and a new animation for happy ear-scratching. The game pauses when it goes to the background and it won't switch to low quality mode as quickly much, along with other subtle changes. In its earlier stages, the game was featured on Equestria Daily: So as a friend in need, will you help me with that?

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I'd like to thank Sim_man for actually triggering the debate with his epic project. As Celestia tells you in the intro scene, you have 100 days to get some ta- uh, I mean, make some friends.