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Furthermore, some teasers regarding Season 2 reveal that many things will happen between Daniela, Hernando and Lito. Reading Enthusiast and a self confessed perfectionist. Taking Learning as an ongoing and never ending process sums up her Mantra of Living Life to the fullest! Fans have already seen in Season 1 that Lito comes to realize certain connections with himself. Season 2 features Sikander Kher playing the character of an enemy. But there is another one that claims that he will show one side for Kara Dandekar (Tina Desai).The fact remains that he will do all possible things.'Sense8' is about a group of sensates, this is a group of people that are connected to each other mentally and emotionally.The cast of the show includes a multinational casts that will portray people from different parts of the world.He will try different ways in order to attain his desire.

The main eight only got to physically meet in person by the season 1 finale but now in season 2, it is speculated that they'll be going their separate ways but now in pairings or that they might just all stick together as a single team.Kala met Wolfgang when she started becoming a sensate, however there are rumors suggesting that Kala and Wolfgang may have some complications this coming 'Sense8 Season 2'.According to the site, the complication may start because Wolfgang may see a photo of Kala and Rajan enjoying each other's company.Kala was initially set to marry Rajan but gave this up when she decided to run away with Wolfgang, only to find out he denied her and stated he did not deserve her love.He is the consummate actor who can handle comedy and pathos with the same ease, his recent foray in Hollywood proving him worthy of international recognition.

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