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In fact, many historians and philosophers consider it to be the greatest friendzoning of all time.

You can read more about their relationship and its timeline here.

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Lou Salomé was a Russian intellectual who befriended and influenced many important thinkers of the time, including Nietzsche, Freud, and Rainer Rilke.

Nietzsche met her in 1882 through their mutual friend Paul Rée (who would end up becoming Lou's lover).

And, unlike traditional dating circles that try to encourage women to forgo feminist ideas in order to win true love—never call a man! To carve out a space where women set the tone for engagement is nothing less than amazing.

Once the date was done, he would follow up, get the story, and probably toss the guy out.Nietzsche fell in love with her right away, and proposed to her three times in a seven month period (all of which were rejected).He remained great friends with her for a time, and would have long philosophical discussions with her about many topics, but eventually bitterness crept up over her relationship with Paul Rée, and Lou broke off contact with him.Spending three minutes talking about Gundam collectibles is more likely to excite a prospect instead of making their eyes glaze over.Guys won’t be mocked in front of the entire Internet for being awesome at Magic the Gathering. This is even more poignant considering the comics and their fan worlds are heavily dominated by male artists and creators who seem to think that women are strongest when they forget to wear clothing.

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I don’t know if he realized the irony of pushing one’s chest closer to the face of a known creeper, but I assume not.

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  1. When they spend time alone together, the girl and the boy don’t go out for dinner, they just go for a walk or chill at home, which is really different from the formal dating process I see in American movies. We don’t ask people out, especially if we don’t know them well.