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We cover the basics of using MTS and then extend it to using with Visual Fox Pro Component Object Model (COM) Components.This document is intended to be used with the Microsoft Power Point® slide show included with the Visual Fox Pro sample files.MTS is a great environment for working with three-tier development.However, one should realize that it is simply not just a matter of dropping your Visual Fox Pro servers into an MTS package and expecting miracles.This tutorial section introduces client-server database programming with Visual Fox Pro with a minimum of fuss and bother.We explore the major concepts and get to know our way around the PUBS database that ships with SQL Server.

Cuando los lees de vuelta ellos se reciben en un campo general pero no lo hace bien. Open("SELECT id,imagen FROM par_opr_imagenes WHERE id=10", o Ado Conexion, 01, 03) IF x.recordcount0 xarchbin=Createbinary(Filetostr(thisform.image1. ADO's problem however, you need a version that can use cursoradapters or do all of your work using ADO codes.

Would appreciate any experience/ideas anyone has with passing memo fields to SQL Server and if they could get around this log problem. If you turn off "select into /bulkcopy', you shouldn't be allowed to do non-logged operations. -- Tibor Karaszi, SQL Server MVP Please reply to the newsgroup only, not by email.

TIA, Jonathan Jonathan, Although I've never tested it myself, but I would also assume that if you do the statements as logged statements, you should be able to do log backup.

that prompts the user to enter the state required and then retrieves the corresponding authors into a grid for updating.

The VUESTATEAUTHORS parameterised view is employed for this form, which will operate with record level buffering on the cursor.

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can be created with reference to an ODBC datasource defined on the workstation or directly using a connection string.

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