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In this tutorial, you will use Entity Framework, but you could use the data access technology that is most familiar to you.

From a data-bound server control, such as a Grid View, List View, Details View, or Form View control, you specify the names of the methods to use for selecting, updating, deleting, and creating data.

The following table provides the properties of the Data Source View class: The Sql Data Source control represents a connection to a relational database such as SQL Server or Oracle database, or data accessible through OLEDB or Open Database Connectivity (ODBC).

Connection to data is made through two important properties Connection String and Provider Name.

The following code snippet provides the basic syntax of the control: Configuring various data operations on the underlying data depends upon the various properties (property groups) of the data source control.

"Starting with version 6.7, Connector/Net will no longer include the My SQL for Visual Studio integration.

These are the tools that provide data to the data bound controls and support execution of operations like insertions, deletions, sorting, and updates.

Each data source control wraps a particular data provider-relational databases, XML documents, or custom classes and helps in: There are many data source controls available in ASP.

Nothing against c URL, but it is hiding some of the mechanics of how that API call is working.

As part of PVS you can upload example images to train an image classifier.

As a gross generalization - here is a picture of a cat.

Which represent a customized view of data for different data operations such as sorting, filtering, etc.

The Data Source View class serves as the base class for all data source view classes, which define the capabilities of data source controls.

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That functionality is now available in a separate product called My SQL for Visual Studio available using the My SQL Installer for Windows (see Source: seems to be a common problem.