Updating ms access database c

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NET uses the OLE-DB data provider to read a Microsoft Access database.

Ole Db namespace in our code using the following definition.

Hi I'm trying to update a table using UPDATE table SET value statement. Execute Non Query(); //' Check how many records are affected if they are more then 1 then something went wrong' if (int Rec Aff !

The problem is that every time the fields I need to update contain ' or ", I receive an error. = 1) string edit Lic = @"UPDATE table SET [Name] = '" add_escape_characters(name) "', [License] = '" add_escape_characters(license) "', [License Type] = '" add_escape_characters(type) "', [Category]= '" add_escape_characters(cat) "', [Never Expires] = '" add_escape_characters(exp) "', [In Use] = '" add_escape_characters(use) "', [Expired] = '" add_escape_characters(expired) "' WHERE ID = " ID " "; No Brain is very much correct here.

If you want to truly protect your query, you would use stored procedures.

That is the only way not to have your query string concatenated before sending. Thanks This code will not select any records, but it will delete every row of the table.

External data falls into two categories: indexed sequential access method (ISAM) and Open Database Connectivity (ODBC).

Using some other magic, you could actually get it to spit out a list of table names.

Now, the slightly modified version: OMG I didn't receive emails for all thees replies. I had way too many thing to deal with lately so I didn't have time to fix the problem yet.

However if you’re using MS Access then there’s one thing that Visual Studio doesn’t do because it’s not supported when using Access.

How Parent-Child Inserts Work When Visual Studio generates the insert commands on a SQL-Server Table Adapter it looks to see if the table’s primary keys are auto-generated (identity columns) and if so, Visual Studio will write an additional statement to retrieve the key using the SCOPE_IDENTITY functionality of SQL Server.

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I’ve posted before about how to use Table Adapters to update parent-child (master-detail) relationships against SQL server.

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