Updating my hair style

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Updating my hair style

I do not feel like washing my hair (I mean, not like I ever do.), and my Klorane Dry Shampoo is calling my name.

I spritz heavily all over my scalp, and work some Bumble and Bumble Sumo Clay into my ends, aiming for a tousle.

(Before you ask: he’s perfect and soft and I’m obsessed with him.) I run a flat iron over the front pieces of my hair that got bent by my pillow, spritz some dry shampoo on my part line, and backcomb the crown. I sass out the ends with more Sumo Clay and this time it looks better. enjoys being next to us, so he sits patiently on the bathroom scale (we have a shoebox of a bathroom) while I try not to burn my fingers curling the short back pieces with my flat iron.

You all know I love my hair curly, and before bed last night I tried the new Living Proof Ph D In-Shower Styler.* Though it didn’t create the immediately beach-y texture I’d really been gunning for, I do notice that the curls I’m putting in stay particularly springy, and I don’t feel any product in my hair — a definite plus.

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This is from a movie called Peace, Love &Misunderstanding. I know grey hair is just a superficial part of the process but I think if you are going to have grey hair you can't go bland with it.This is achieved by the technique in which they use to apply the serum throughout your hair. They wash out 100% of any product still in your hair when you arrive: conditioner, oils, etc - whatever is in your hair, they wash it out completely. You can't use a harsh shampoo with a BB (it'll wash it out faster). And I straightened it again the next day, and the next and the next. If you have hair like mine: fine, type-4, porous curls you can really only straighten your hair occasionally with a BB. But when you do wear your hair straight, it'll be dynamite. Not necessarily true for Type 2-3 girls but definitely true for Type 4.It takes about 4 washes with a clarifying shampoo or apple cider vinegar. I was straightening it so much that when I decided to finally rock the curls, they were nowhere to be found. The ends were fried, the curls looked like a tortured telephone cord. But really, I just shouldn't have straightened it so much. It's the nature of the beast, every strand of hair has protective "scales" that cover it. And I've tried to find other products to mess with since I get tired of the smell of CRN at times (I'm more of an herbal, woodsy scent loving gal - not a fan of the vanilla/coconut/brown sugar scene, bleh!You may remember that one of my New Year’s resolutions was to be more adventurous with my hair.Well, about a month ago, I became at once more and less adventurous: I cut a whoooole bunch off. But then it occurred to me…I like having hair to It is Sunday.

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As much research as I did, the reality of how to maintain a BB with having such tight curls as I do was something that, in the end, needed to be experienced. Right when I thought this was starting to be a mistake, my hair is drenched in thick creamy moisturizing goodness. I wanted to be able to wear my suuuuper curly hair straight sometimes. Having gone full circle so many times at this point, I realized that I would end up in the same place as how I started: tired of maintaining an ever-growing eco-system on my head, loving the bigness, then hating it.

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