White label dating web design

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White label dating web design

Starting it’s life in the music industry, white label originally referred to vinyl records which were sent out in a white sleeve for DJs to try out.

Nowadays the name white label more often refers to a product or service that is bought by a reseller who rebrands the product or service as their own.

Our white label platform includes everything you need to start building and selling websites to local businesses, all under your own brand.

At the same time the producers of the white label product can increase their sales by allowing another company to sell a white label version of their product or service.

The company utilising a white label product benefits by being able to add another service or product to their range of offering without having to put the resources into developing or manufacturing it.

Not only are the startup costs and effort considerable, but the ongoing costs of training, benefits, salaries and the very real possibility that you may find you do not need them full time is an unnecessary risk when you have us as your branded, in-house web and seo department. Even if you plan on using freelancers, the time it takes to find the right staff that can deliver on time and on budget is considerable.

The very real possibility that you experience production delays can mean lost clients and lost revenue.

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Over the years, we have developed an in-depth intake form for web design services.

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